Ultimate Guide to Write Your Admission Essay Perfectly!

Applying to college can be pretty scary for any High School Senior even with great grades and extra-curricular, even I still remember my days, where I tried consulting with multiple credible people for their first-hand experience of their college days including how they formulated the admission essays.

They all were consistent with one piece of advice, which is ‘Be yourself, little did I knew back then what that meant. But as times passed and losing multiple nights of sleep, I finally have created one of the best content of my entire life till then, and send them out to colleges I choose for. After the wait of over 3 months, I finally got a chance of a lifetime and quite frankly the reason my struggle started.

Though that is another day’s topic, I will share with you all what can help you write your Admission Essay. I might have something in it for you too.

Before starting, remember, stress is never permanent and demands smart work rather hard work. Let me tell you why

Finding a topic – You guessed it right, finding a topic doesn’t mean, you have to write the challenges you faced along the way and fought your way out of it, as there is this popular misconception, rather take this opportunity to show your qualities as a writer, because thinking about a challenge and to be able to create a breath-taking piece of writing from it hardly occur and quite challenging, rather take up smaller moments and weave it with a thread of words.

Am I being too dramatic, let me elaborate, thinking of a minimum of ‘5 entries of happiness or challenges’ and write what was your ‘thinking’ and what believes you held to ‘achieve’ the outcome. This can help show the people, not once but many times, how you manage to live through this and are sure to show what ‘You’ are made up of.

 Don’t just end there, rather give them the impressions of what your core values are and what aspires to you in life.

  • Freewriting without thinking of the outcome – As enraged it might sound, there is no simple way to perfection, but rather trying out multiple times with dedication is what brings out the best in you.
  • Outlining before starting – Getting an outline before even starting the writing, is a sure way to keep your thought in check. Starting without an outline is a recipe for disaster.
  • Maintain an easy-to-follow structure – There is nothing that works best than a simple piece of writing following a simple structure that tells your story of elegance.
  • Treat your early drafts as drafts – Be prepared about the times it will take for you to conjure that essay, are sure to take your dream college’s office of admission. Writing many drafts will help you take out of the unnecessary baggage of your writing, that only acted as filler words. Reading out your drafts aloud does the trick in no time.
  • Grammar is your friend, also the measuring scale – Having grammatical errors is like showing your half-heartedness upfront. We both know or can very well judge the outcome of this. But only think of grammar after finalizing your content. As being grammatically sound on average writing also doesn’t go through.


Following this recipe is how I succeeded, and now you know. Go ahead and create your essay. But if you are still thinking of getting professional help, you can go for paper help where an expert will assist you to draft it perfectly.